The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) is the only Ministerial-level forum focused on advancing carbon capture and storage (CCS) research, development, and deployment (RD&D). It focuses high-level attention and action to help further CCS deployment worldwide.

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The CSLF holds biannual meetings in CSLF member countries that provide a distinguished platform from which to address critical issues relating to CCS, build intergovernmental collaboration, engage key stakeholders and the academic community on pressing RD&D gaps and opportunities, and facilitate knowledge sharing, all of which can speed broader CCS deployment and encourage greater CCS investment worldwide. Ministerial meetings—the CSLF's highest decision-making body—are convened biennially to provide high-level policy and technical direction for the organization and to shape and disseminate key messages on CCS. The most recent Ministerial meeting was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2015.

The CSLF also co-sponsors workshops (typically held on the margins of each CSLF meeting) that foster information sharing and collaboration to facilitate the development of CCS technologies worldwide. The CSLF Event Endorsement Guidelines explain the process for requesting that the CSLF co-sponsor an event.

Key CCS industry events are highlighted in our Calendar of CCS Events 2017–2018

CSLF Meetings

Proceedings of CSLF's annual and midyear meetings. Pages include links to workshops and other side events held in conjunction with the event.

June 27–29, 2022, Bergen, Norway
December 8, 2021 (via videoconference only)
April 28, 2021 (via videoconference only)
September 30, 2020 (via videoconference only)
November 4–7, Chatou, France
April 25–26, Champaign, Illinois, United States
October 15–18, 2018, Melbourne, Australia
April 22–April 23, 2018, Venice, Italy
April 30–May 4, 2017, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
October 3–7, 2016, Tokyo, Japan
June 27–30, 2016, London, United Kingdom
November 1–5, 2015, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
June 15–19, 2015, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
October 27–30, 2014, Warsaw, Poland
June 5, 2014, London, United Kingdom
March 24–27, 2014, Seoul, Korea
November 4–7, 2013, Washington, D.C., USA
April 16–19, 2013, Rome, Italy
October 24–26, 2012, Perth, Australia
June 11–14, 2012, Bergen, Norway
September 19–23, 2011, Beijing, China
May 18–20, 2011, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
October 6–8, 2010, Warsaw, Poland
March 15–17, 2010, Pau, France
October 11–14, 2009, London, United Kingdom
June 29–30, 2009, San Francisco, California, USA
April 1–2, 2009, Oslo, Norway
November 16, 2008, Washington, D.C., USA
April 13–17, 2008, Cape Town, South Africa
January 27–29, 2008, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
March 25–28, 2007, Paris, France
November 14–15, 2006, London, United Kingdom
April 3–5, 2006, Delhi, India
September 26–29, 2005, Berlin, Germany
April 30, 2005, Oviedo, Spain
September 13–15, 2004, Melbourne, Australia
January 19–23, 2004, Rome, Italy