CSLF Academic Task Force

  • Learn more about the CSLF Academic Task Force, which works to identify and engage academic programs on CCS throughout the world.

The academic community plays a vital role to advance carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies through research, development, and demonstration (RD&D); policy guidance; and a wide range of educational programs that support the development of the next generation of scientists, engineers, and policy makers.

The following resources, collected and presented by the CSLF Academic Task Force, are available free of charge for use by the academic community. Browse our list of CCS-focused webinars, CCS funding opportunities, CCS academic programs, and related reports. If there are resources you would like to suggest as additions to this page, please contact CSLFSecretariat@hq.doe.gov.

Webinars and Training Modules


CCS Talks: Scaling up the CCS Market to Deliver Net-Zero Emissions
A Global CCS Institute webinar
May 4, 2020

Reuse options of offshore infrastructure for CCS
An ALIGN-CCUS webinar
June 27, 2019

1.5°C - Meeting the Challenge of the Paris Agreement
An IEAGHG webinar
April 26, 2017

A Roadmap for the Global Implementation of Carbon Utilization Technologies
A Global CO2 Initiative webinar
April 18, 2017

Social site characterisation for CCS
A Global CCS Institute webinar
March 23, 2017

Managing carbon geological storage and natural resources in sedimentary basins
A Global CCS Institute webinar
March 14, 2017


Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage
University of Edinburgh (online)
March 15, 2018–April 12, 2018

Funding Opportunities
  • Funding, Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (UK, EU, selected international solicitations)
  • Opportunities, UK CCS Research Centre
  • Solicitations and Funding Opportunities, U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory (funding opportunity announcements require prime recipients to be incorporated in the United States; however, a foreign entity may receive funding as a sub-recipient)
Academic Programs

Baseline Survey: Mechanisms for CCS Academic Collaborations, Key Research Groups, Summer Schools, and Networks, CSLF CCS in the Academic Community Task Force

Key University Research Programs

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United Kingdom

Summer Schools

International Student Internships and Exchanges