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DOE Fossil Energy R&D Projects in New Jersey


Number of Projects

Total Value*
(Million $)

DOE Share
(Million $)

Job Benefits**

Coal & Power Projects





*Includes DOE and private sector cost-sharing

**An average of 28.5 direct and indirect jobs per $1 million in R&D funding is used based on the Department of Commerce's Regional Input-Output Modeling System formula.

Projects Developing Models, Oxygen Production Systems, and Coal-to-Liquids Technology
  • Analysis of Combustion in Gas Turbines - Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, will obtain new experimental data for laminar and turbulent flame speeds and flammability limits of hydrogen-CO-air-water mixtures at elevated pressures and temperatures, and develop validated comprehensive and reduced mechanisms for numerical modeling of flame speeds, flammability limits, ignition time, and NOx emissions.  DOE is fully funding this $200,000 project. 

  • Syngas Turbine Combustion Support - Princeton University, Princeton, NJ will analyze issues surrounding NOx formation in syngas turbine combustion systems. DOE is fully funding this $50,000 project.

  • Demonstration of CAR Technology - The BOC Group, Murray Hill, NJ, has developed a novel technology referred to as CAR (Ceramic Autothermal Recovery) for oxygen production and supply to oxygen-fired boilers with flue gas recycle.  The objectives of the proposed project are to: (i) evaluate the performance of the 0.7-ton/day CAR unit at WRI, (ii) perform a techno-economic study of retrofitting AEP's 450 MW Conesville, OH power plant with a CAR system to enable CO2 capture, (iii) design and fabricate a 10-ton/day (O2) pilot-scale CAR unit, (iv) evaluate performance of 10-ton/day CAR unit when integrated with ALSTOM's Multi-Use Test Facility, and (v) update techno-economic study and develop a commercial-ization plan. DOE is contributing $4.9 million to this $6.1 million project.

  • Coal-to-Liquid Fuels Production - Headwaters Technology Innovation Group, Lawrenceville, NJ, is investigating the production of barrel quantities of high-hydrogen content, coal-derived liquids using iron-based Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis in a process development unit (PDU)-scale reactor.  The products made will be high-hydrogen content, coal-derived liquid types suitable for additional research and testing in a variety of applications, including distributed hydrogen generation. This work is expected to result in the development of a more reliable, economic, and efficient coal-based system for producing FT liquids to meet the long-term goals of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Coal-to-Hydrogen Program.  DOE is contributing $2.9 million to this $4.2 million project. 

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