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DOE Fossil Energy R&D Projects in Florida


Number of Projects

Total Value*
(Million $)

DOE Share
(Million $)

Job Benefits**

Coal & Power Projects





Oil & Gas Projects





*Includes DOE and private sector cost-sharing

**An average of 28.5 direct and indirect jobs per $1 million in R&D funding is used based on the Department of Commerce's Regional Input-Output Modeling System formula.

Siemens-Westinghouse Developing Advanced Turbines
  • Zero Emissions Oxyfuel Combustor - Siemens Power Corporation, Orlando, FL, with support from Clean Energy Systems and Florida Turbine Technologies, intends to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of an advanced turbine for oxy-fuel based power systems that discharges negligible CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. DOE is contributing $15.7 million to this $21.8 million project. 

  • Advanced Hydrogen Turbine for FutureGen - Siemens Power Corporation, Orlando, FL is designing and developing a fuel flexible (coal derived hydrogen or syngas) gas turbine for IGCC and FutureGen type applications that meets DOE turbine performance goals.  This project builds on existing gas turbine technology and product developments, and will develop, validate, and prototype test the necessary turbine related technologies and sub-systems needed to demonstrate the ability to meet the DOE turbine program goals. DOE is providing $94.9 million of the $66.7 million total project cost.

Company, University Developing Technologies to Improve Sensors
  • Ultra-high Temperature Sensors Development - Nuonics, Inc., Orlando, FL is developing a fundamental understanding of the high temperature optical properties and vibration-tolerant interferometry which will serve as the basis for a new suite of ultra-high temperature sensors for temperature, pressure and potentially gas species measurement. Measuring high temperatures at elevated pressures under harsh operating conditions has been a technical barrier to supercritical steam cycle efficiency. The response of the sensors must be fast enough to allow real-time control of the combustion process. DOE is fully funding this project at $1.27 million.

  • High Temperature Sensors - Researchers at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL will develop an integrated temperature and pressure sensor for high temperature, high pressure harsh environment applications using an optical interferometry approach. DOE is contributing $300,000 to this $322,000 project.

Company, University Enhancing Oil Recovery
  • Solvent-based Enhanced Oil Recovery - Florida International University, Miami, FL has received a $200,000 grant from DOE to develop an analytical reservoir model for an enhanced oil recovery process consisting of the injection of semi-miscible solvents utilized for in-situ upgrading of heavy crude oils and to improve the predictive capability of a reservoir simulator to capture the dynamics of solvents and heavy crude and their interaction so as to predict the production of upgraded crude oils.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Technology - More Oil, Inc., Orlando, FL plans to dramatically improve on the current technology of hydraulic fracturing by combining the fracturing capabiites of the latter with the benefits of thermal heating of the well. This will be achieved by pumping a large volume of gas and liquid chemical reagents into a formation, warming the formation via high pressure combustion, and increasing oil production. DOE is contributing $667,000 to this $834,000 project. 

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