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DOE Fossil Energy R&D Projects in Alabama


Number of Projects

Total Value*
(Million $)

DOE Share
(Million $)

Job Benefits**

Coal & Power Projects





Oil & Gas Projects





*Includes DOE and private sector cost-sharing  

**An average of 28.5 direct and indirect jobs per $1 million in R&D funding is used based on the Department of Commerce Regional Input-Output Modeling System formula.

Alabama is Home to World-Class Facility to Test New Power Technologies
  • Power Systems Development Facility - Southern Company Services, Inc., Wilsonville, AL, operates the Department of Energy's premier test facility for the 21st century advanced coal-fired power plant technology - the Power Systems Development Facility. Now slated for test operations into 2007, this $427.0 million project ($366.5 million from DOE's Fossil Energy Program) is used to evaluate advanced power generating and environmental control technologies that could ultimately form the core of 21st century power plants. Included in the testing program will be new technologies for pressurized fluidized-bed combustion, integrated gasification combined-cycle, an advanced gasifier, innovative ways to clean impurities from hot coal gases, a low-polluting combustor/gas turbine configuration, and a fuel cell. Southern Company Services, the technology arm of the Southern Company utility system, heads a team of equipment developers that is developing the advanced concepts for testing in the Wilsonville facility.

  • Demonstration of 285MW Coal-Based Transport Gasifier - The Transport Gasifier is being developed by Southern Company Services, Inc., Wilsonville, AL, and Kellogg, Brown & Root based on KBR's catalytic cracking technology which has been used for decades in petroleum refineries. The transport gasifier offers a simpler, more robust method for generating power from coal than other available alternatives. The total cost for the demonstration project is $844.3 million, of which DOE plans to contribute $293.7 million as the federal cost share.

Universities Developing Sensors, EOR Technology and Engineering Models 
  • The University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, has received $3.4 million from DOE for two projects with a combined total value of $6.53 million.

    • Oxidation of Mercury in Products of Coal Combustion - Researchers will evaluate the performance of various catalyst types over a range of temperatures with respect to mercury oxidation, NOx reduction, and SO3 formation. Total cost for this project is $536,000 with DOE providing $400,000.

    • CO2 Enhanced Oil Production Project - The University of Alabama will implement carbon dioxide flooding in the Citronelle oil field located in Mobile County, Alabama. The Citronelle field is Alabama's largest producer and is an ideal candidate for enhanced oil recovery. DOE is contributing $3.0 million to this $6.0 million project.

  • Basin Analysis and Petroleum System Characterization and Modeling - The objectives of the project are to develop through basin analysis the concept that the petroleum systems acting in a basin can be identified through basin modeling and demonstrate that the information and analysis resulting from the characterization and modeling of these petroleum systems in the North Louisiana Salt Basin and the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin can be used in providing a reliable and advanced approach for targeting stratigraphic traps and specific facies associated with a geologic system and in providing a refined assessment of undiscovered and underdeveloped reservoirs and associated resources. The university is receiving $1.0 million from DOE to help fund this $1.36 million project.


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