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DOE Fossil Energy R&D Projects in West Virginia


Number of Projects

Total Value*
(Million $)

DOE Share
(Million $)

Job Benefits**

Coal & Power Projects





*Includes DOE and private sector cost-sharing

**An average of 28.5 direct and indirect jobs per $1 million in R&D funding is used based on the Department of Commerce's Regional Input-Output Modeling System II formula.

West Virginia University Playing a Major Role in Fossil Energy Research
  • Consortium for Emission Control By-Products: Treatment and Use - The National Research Center for Coal & Energy at West Virginia University (WVU), Morgantown, WV, has established an industry-driven consortium to determine what the future R&D needs are in the area of coal combustion by-products. Technologies for coal utilities and their suppliers will be developed that will solve problems related to the handling of by-products from flue gas desulfurization and low-NOx burner technologies. DOE is currently supplying $5.97 million of the $10.75 million effort.

  • Carbon Products from Coal - WVU Research Corporation is conducting another project that is investigating the production of carbon products from coal. The project researchers are studying the direct conversion of coal into high-value carbon products using an extractive process that will minimize processing and solvent costs. DOE is funding $5.05 million of the $6.14 million project.

  • Using Mine Water in Power Generation - The National Research Center for Coal & Energy at West Virginia University will develop and demonstrate a framework for assessing the costs, technical and regulatory aspects and environmental benefits of using mine water for thermo-electric power generation in lieu of traditional freshwater supplies. DOE is contributing $338,000 to this $425,000 project.

  • Enhancing Metal Alloys - WVU researchers will focus their research on ductility enhancement of molybdenum alloys by adding nano-sized oxide particles to the alloy system. DOE is contributing $200,000 to this $278,000 project. 

  • Direct Utilization of Coal Syngas in Fuel Cells - WVU will identify the mechanisms of carbon deposition and coal contaminant poisoning of the typical Ni/YSZ solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anode, and develop novel materials to minimize the impact of these contaminants on fuel cell performance. The research will focus on modeling, manufacturing and testing of SOFC anodes on coal syngas. DOE is contributing $170,000 to this $352,000 project.

National Energy Technology Laboratory Engaged in Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells
  • Fuel Processing and Hydrogen Production - The National Energy Technology Laboratory, Morgantown, WV, is conducting research on fuel processors for fuel cells with a high degree of thermal integration. DOE is fully funding this $933,000 project.
West Virginia Companies Analyzing, Designing and Building Clean Coal Technologies
  • Coal Gasification for Industrial Applications - Touchstone Research Laboratory Ltd., Triadelphia, WV, will show that industrial combustion equipment can operate equally well on syngas, which is significantly different than natural gas in its combustion characteristics. It is anticipated that the typical industrial combustion system designed for natural gas will require some degree of modification to operate on syngas, a factor in the economic decision for an industrial customer to consider in making the switch from natural gas. DOE is fully funding this $100,000 project.

  • Fuel Cell Technology Analysis, Planning and Outreach - RDS, LLC, Morgantown, WV will receive $4.23 million from DOE to provide technology and project planning, analysis and outreach, and engineering design and analysis for the FE/NETL Fuel Cell program

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