ConocoPhillips Company - 11-109-LNG

The Office of Fossil Energy gives notice of receipt of an application filed August 22, 2011 by ConocoPhillips Company (ConocoPhillips). ConocoPhillips seek authorization to export LNG from facilities owned by Freeport LNG Development, L.P. on Quintana Island, Texas to any country with the capicity to import LNG via ocean-going carrier and with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy for a two year period commencing November 30, 2011 and extended through November 29, 2013. F.R. Notice Issued 9/30/2011.  F.R. Notice Published 10/6/2011; 76 FR 62048. Comments are due November 7, 2011. No comments were received. Order 3038 issued 11/22/11.



Filed 8/22/11 by ConocoPhillips Company

Application for Blanket Authority to Export LNG


Issued 9/30/11 by U.S. Department of Energy

F.R. Notice Issued for Comments on Application for Blanket Authorization to Export LNG (Download Notice


Issued 10/6/11 by U.S. Department of Energy

F.R. Notice Issued Published; 76 FR 62048; comments due November 7, 2011.(Download Published Notice) No comments were received.


Issued 10/14/11 by U.S. Department of Energy

NEPA Records of Categorical Exclusions (CX)


Issued 11/22/11 by U.S. Department of Energy

Order 3038 Granting Blanket Authorit to Export Previously Imported LNG