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International Activities

Related to Fossil Energy Programs & Topics

Key Bilateral Activities

Fossil Energy Bilateral Agreements
The Office of Fossil Energy is currently cooperating with 13 different countries through bilateral agreements to identify areas of collaboration in promoting and developing fossil energy technologies. Read More >

US-India Energy Dialogue: Coal Working Group
The Office of Fossil Energy and India's Ministry of Coal jointly chair the Coal Working Group initiative to exchange information on policies, programs and technologies to promote the efficient and
                      environmentally responsible production and use of
                      coal. Read More >

U.S.-China Fossil Energy Cooperation
US-China Collaboration in Fossil Energy R&D
The Office of Fossil Energy and China's Ministry of Science and Technology exchange information and expertise through several different partnerships and agreements to promote the efficient and
                      environmentally responsible production and use of
                      coal, oil and natural gas. Read More >

US-UK Collaboration in Fossil Energy R&D

US-UK Collaboration in Fossil Energy R&D
The Office of Fossil Energy and the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change are sharing and developing knowledge and expertise in the area of high-temperature materials for advanced
                      fossil energy power plant applications. Read More >

Key Multilateral Activities

The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
The CSLF is a an international ministerial-level panel that meets regularly to discuss the growing body of scientific research and emerging technologies and
                       plan joint projects for carbon sequestration.  
                       Read More >      

International Methane Hydrate Research
International Cooperation in Methane Hydrate Research 
DOE's Office of Fossil Energy works with several international partners, including Japan and India, to investigate the vast resource potential of
                       methane hydrates.  

Global Methane Initiative
DOE is a member of this initiative designed to promote cost-effective, near-term methane recovery internationally through cooperation between
                        developed countries, developing countries, and
                        countries with economies in transition.  
                        Read More > [opens new window]                      

International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy
The International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy will provide a mechanism to organize, evaluate and coordinate multinational research, development and deployment programs that advance
                      the transition to a global hydrogen economy. 
                      Read More > [opens new window]

Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership
DOE is working with the World Bank and others to support national governments and the petroleum industry in their efforts to reduce flaring and venting of gas associated with the extraction of
                       crude oil. Read More > [opens new window]

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APEC's Energy Working Group seeks to maximize the energy sector's contribution to the region's economic and social well being, while mitigating the environmental effects of energy supply and use. FE
                      provides expertise in LNG and methane hydrate
                      technologies to the Energy Working Group. 
                      Read More > [opens new window]

The International Energy Agency
The IEA is an intergovernmental body committed to advancing security of energy supply, economic growth and environmental sustainability through energy policy co-operation. The Office of Fossil Energy is 
                      involved in many aspects of the IEA, including
                      emergency preparedness and clean coal technology
                      transfer.  Read More > [opens new window] 


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