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Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States: 2019 Update

On September 19, 2019, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy announced the availability for public review and comment of the report Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States: 2019 Update (LCA GHG Update; As used in this Abstract, “LCA” stands for life cycle analysis, and “GHG” stands for greenhouse gas.). This analysis is an update to DOE’s 2014 LCA GHG Report (79 FR 32260). The purpose of this LCA GHG Update is to provide additional information to the public and to inform DOE’s LNG export decisions with information about the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports for use in electric power generation. On June 4, 2014, DOE issued the original LCA GHG Report, entitled Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States. At DOE’s request, the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)—a DOE applied research laboratory—prepared the LCA GHG Report to calculate the life cycle GHG emissions for LNG exported from the United States.  DOE received public comments on the LCA GHG Report, and responded to those comments in export authorizations issued under NGA Section 3(a). In 2018, DOE commissioned NETL to conduct an update to the LCA GHG Report. As with the 2014 Report, the LCA GHG Update compares life cycle GHG emissions from U.S. LNG exports to regional coal and other imported natural gas for electric power generation in Europe and Asia.  Core aspects of the analysis—such as the scenarios investigated—are the same as the LCA GHG Report. However, NETL implemented several updates to include more recent information.

The LCA GHG Update and comments received will be included in the dockets of 42 long-term LNG export proceedings identified in the Federal Register Notice announcing the release of the LCA GHG Update, including 16 pending applications requesting authorization to export U.S. LNG in water-borne vessels from the lower-48 states to non-FTA countries. In the remaining 26 proceedings, DOE has already issued a long-term order authorizing exports of LNG under NGA Section 3(a).  The comment period was open from September 19, 2019 to October 21, 2019. The comment period is now closed. The comments submitted appear below.

On January 2, 2020, in this Federal Register document, Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States: 2019 Update - Response to Comments, DOE/FE responds to the 7 public comments received on the 2019 LCA GHG Update and summarizes its conclusions on the Study.

Comment period closed.
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1. expand/collapse 9/19/2019 12:48:51 PM Young, John General / Other Comment See my .pdf comment questioning the meaningfulness of the 59 page National Energy Technology Laboratory's "LIFE CYCLE GREENHOUSE GAS PERSPECTIVE ON EXPORTING LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS FROM THE UNITED STATES: 2019 UPDATE." John Young, MS (Psychology), MSW (Social Work), Retired Member of SAVE RGV from LNG since May 2014 www.facebook.com/saveRGVfromLNG/
  1. Comment on LNG export GHG emissions .pdf
2. expand/collapse 10/21/2019 11:03:49 AM Industrial Energy Consumers of America General / Other Comment IECA Comments on Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States: 2019 Update (Docket No. 2019-20230)
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3. expand/collapse 10/21/2019 2:09:15 PM LNG Allies General / Other Comment See the attached file.
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4. expand/collapse 10/21/2019 3:44:16 PM Sierra Club General / Other Comment Comments and exhibits of Sierra Club. See attached files.
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5. 10/21/2019 12:00:00 AM American Petroleum Institute General / Other Comment
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6. expand/collapse 9/20/2019 12:00:00 AM ganMoryn, Croitiene General / Other Comment Dangerous and outmoded LNG exports need to stop NOW in order to stop the 6th Extinction which includes human beings. LIFE OVER PROFITS!
7. 10/21/2019 12:00:00 AM Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG) General / Other Comment
  1. CLNG Comments LCA GHG Update.pdf