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The Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Energy

The Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee met in Houston, TX on October 24-25, 2012 and also in Washington, DC on November 1, 2012.  


The Secretary of Energy, in response to provisions of Subtitle J, Sec. 999 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, must carry out a program of research, development, demonstration, and commercial application of technologies for ultra-deepwater and onshore unconventional natural gas and other petroleum resource exploration and production, as well as addressing the technology challenges for small producers, safe operations, and environmental mitigation (including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration of carbon). 


The Department's Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee (URTAC) was established to advise on the development and implementation of programs related to onshore unconventional natural gas and other petroleum resources, and review and comment on the program's annual plan. The URTAC is comprised of Special Government employees, academia, environmental and industry representatives.  Special Government employees are appointed by the Secretary of Energy for their expertise in a particular area and advise the Secretary with their own opinion, whereas the other members of the committee represent a point of view held by a particular group or class of stakeholders.

     2012-2014 Unconventional Resources Technology Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Nancy J. Brown*
Senior Scientist and Department Head  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                      

Mr. Wayne K. Camp 
Senior Geological Advisor  
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation                 

Ms. Jessica J. Cavens
EnCana Oil & Gas (USA)

Mr. William S. Daugherty
Managing Partner   Blackridge Resources 

Mr. James P. Dwyer
VP Region Engineering
Baker Hughes 

Mr. J. Chris Hall
Drilling & Production Co.

Dr. Bob A. Hardage*  
Senior Research Scientist
Univ. of Texas at Austin

Mr. John A. Harju*  
Associate Director for Research   
Energy & Environmental Research Center
University of North Dakota

Dr. Robert L. Kleinberg  
Technical Lead, Unconventional Resources  
Schlumberger-Doll Research 

Mr. Fletcher S. Lewis  
Rainmaker Oil & Gas

Dr. John P. Martin
JPMartin Energy Strategy LLC

Mr. Gregory Mason  
Exploration and Production Manager 
The Energy Cooperative 

Dr. Shahab D. Mohaghegh*  
West Virginia University  

Briana Mordick
Oil & Gas Fellow
Natural Resources Defense Council

Mr. Gary J. Nilson  
Manager, Engineering Training  and Technology Rockies Asset Team 
Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth D. Oglesby  
Vice President
Acorn Resources, Inc.

Mr. Don L. Sparks 
Chairman of the Board
Discovery Operating, Inc.


                 *  Special Government employee 

   Recent Documents

Questions regarding the Committee should be directed to Elena Melchert at 202/586-5600.


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