DOE - Fossil Energy Techline - Issued on:  May 3, 2001

Power Industry Signals Strong Support For Clean Coal Technology

24 Proposals Valued at Half Billion Dollars for Technologies to Improve Power Plants, Cut Emissions

The coal-fueled power industry has responded enthusiastically to the first new government competition for clean coal technology projects in more than eight years.

In a limited competition that is likely to be the precursor to President Bush's new 10-year commitment to advanced clean coal technologies, the Department of Energy has received 24 proposals for projects totaling nearly $535 million, $251 million of which is requested from the Federal government.

The department is offering $95 million for the initial competition called the Power Plant Improvement Initiative. The private sector must at least match the government's share. Proposed projects would be sited in at least 15 states (some proposers did not designate a site).

"The private sector's response to this initial program is a strong sign that President Bush's commitment to clean coal technology is well-founded," said Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham. "This country will have a much stronger, more reliable electric industry if we keep coal in the power mix. New technology is the way to do that, and these proposals tell us that the power industry agrees."

U.S. consumers obtain more than half their electricity from coal. Many of the nation's 450 coal-fired power plants could generate more power by installing new technologies developed in recent years, such as better burners or new computerized control systems. Others could avoid premature shutdowns by installing more effective or lower cost pollution control technologies.

The new program is intended to share the risks of these unproven technologies with the expectation that the first-of-a-kind demonstrations will spur other power companies to replicate the new technologies. It was included by Congress in the department's FY 2001 appropriations bill.

In its recent budget, the administration proposes to increase funding for clean coal technology. For FY 2002, the department is requesting $150 million for what Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham has called a "downpayment" on President Bush's pledge to invest $2 billion in clean coal power generation over the next 10 years.

The Federal government ran a similar clean coal technology demonstration program from 1986 to 1993, ultimately sharing the costs of 38 first-of-a-kind projects. The original program, however, was oriented toward less stringent environmental standards in place at the time and covered a wider range of coal-based utility, industrial and fuel applications.

The new focus is on coal for power generation. In addition to meeting tougher environmental regulations and improving the reliability and output of coal-fired power plants, several projects propose technologies to reduce emissions, such as mercury, that were not regulated at the time of the original program.

A panel of technical, procurement and legal experts at the Energy Department's National Energy Technology Laboratory will evaluate the candidate projects using criteria such as the proposed technology's readiness, the management approach, cost considerations, environment, health and safety benefits, and the technology's potential for being replicated in commercial markets. The department plans to announce selections in August.

Proposer / Point of Contact

Project Title/Demonstration Location

Allegheny Energy Supply
Monroeville, PA
William C. Guyker
Phone: 412-858-1107

Coal Gasification as an Emission Reduction
and Plant Improvement Technique
Site: Willow Island, WV

Alliant Energy Corporation
Madison, WI
Joseph J. Pieters
Phone: 608-250-6802

Combustion Initiative for Innovative Cost-Effective NOx Reduction
Sites: Sheboygan, WI and Portage, WI

ALSTOM Power Inc.
Windsor, CT
John Marion
Phone: 860-285-4539

Combined Power and Cement Production - High Efficiency Electricity and Cement Co-Production by Innovative Clean Coal Technology
Site: LaSalle, IL

Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Cupertino, CA
Renee Wong
Phone: 617-498-5655

Development of Hybrid FLGR/SNCR/SCR Advanced NOx Control for Orion Avon Lake Unit 9
Site: Avon Lake, OH

Coal Tech Corporation
Merion Station, PA
Dr. Bert Zauderer
Phone: 610-667-0442

Low Cost, Combined Control of SO2 and NOx in Coal Fired Utility Boilers
Site: Not designated in proposer's Public Abstract

CONSOL Energy, Inc.
South Park, PA
F. P. Burke
Phone: 412-854-6676

Greenidge Multi-Pollutant Control Project
Site: Torrey, NY

Control Components Inc. (CCI)
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Stuart A. Carson
Phone: 949-858-1877

Efficiency Improvement Through the Use of Advanced Final Control Element Technology
Site: Not designated in proposer's Public Abstract

Houston, TX
Upendra W. Singhe
Phone: 281-497-1483

ARC System for Enhancement of Power Plant Efficiency and Decrease in Air Emissions by Improving the Steam Cycle Resulting in Increased Thermal Efficiency
Site: Not designated in proposer's Public Abstract

e-SCRUB Systems Incorporated
Alexandria, VA
Dr. Maija Harkonen

e-SCRUBtm Treatment Facility Demonstration for H.T. Pritchard 260 MWe Generating Station
Site: Martinsville, IN

Gas Technology Institute
Des Plaines, IL
Mary Ann Edgell
Phone: 847-768-0759

Aventis Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Project
Site: Institute, WV

Great River Energy
Underwood, ND
Charles Bullinger
Phone: 701-442-7001

Lignite Fuel Enhancement
Site: Underwood, ND

Intellergy Corp.
Berkeley, CA
Dr. Terry R. Galloway
Phone: 510-841-9774

SIUC Waste-to-Energy Project
Site: Carbondale, IL

McDermott Technologies, Inc.
Alliance, OH
E.L. Davison
Phone: 330-829-7617

Thoroughbred Ultra Low Emissions Project
Site: Muhlenberg County, KY

Otter Tail Power Company
Fergus Falls, MN
William Swanson
Phone: 605-862-6300

Demonstration of a Full-Scale Retrofit of the Advanced Hybrid Particulate Collector Technology
Site: Big Stone City, SD

Phenix Limited, LLC
Oxnard, CA
Keith Moore
Phone: 805-985-1545

The Clean Combustion System Repowering Demonstration for Low-Cost Control of SO2 and NOx Emissions from Coal-Fired Utility Boilers
Site: Marion, IL

Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology, Inc.
New Brighton, PA
William Sutton
Phone: 724-843-5000

Supercritical Water (SCW)-Enhanced Combustion
Site: Joseph City, AZ

Silverado Gold Mines, Inc.
Fairbanks, AK
Ed Armstrong
Phone: 907-479-7014

Construct and Operate a Low-Rank Coal-Water Fuel Production Plant at the Grant Gold Mill on Ester Dome, AK
Site: Ester Dome, AK

Southern Research Institute
Birmingham, AL
Nancy Thompson
Phone: 205-581-2625

Sustained Use of Coal Through Biomass Cofiring
Site: Southern Company Services Site to be determined

Sunflower Electric Power Corp.
Hays, KS
Wayne E. Penrod

Achieving New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Emission Standards Through Integration of Low-NOx Burners with an Optimization Plan for Boiler Combustion
Site: Garden City, KS

Tampa Electric Co.
Tampa, FL
Robert N. Howell
Phone: 813-228-1932

Polk Power Station Plant Improvement Project
Site: Mulberry, FL

Tampa Electric Company
Tampa, FL
Robert N. Howell
Phone: 813-228-1932

Tampa Electric Company, Big Bend Power Station, Neural Network-Sootblower Optimization
Site: Apollo Beach, FL

Universal Aggregates, LLC
South Park, PA
David C. Kay
Phone: 412-854-6762

Commercial Demonstration of the Manufactured Aggregate Processing Technology Utilizing Spray Dryer Ash
Site: Birchwood, King George County, VA

Xcel Energy
Minneapolis, MN
Daniel S. Bernt, PE
Phone: 612-330-1947

Bay Front Power Plant Unit 5 Emissions Control and Fuel Optimization
Site: Ashland, WI

Xiong Cheng-Rui
P.R. China
Phone: 0086-312-502-3904

An Igniting and Self-Stabilized Pulverized Coal Burner
Site: Not designated in proposer's Public Abstract

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Carl Bauer, DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory, (304) 285-4912